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At Ashmore Pools, our commercial pool cleaning services are designed to help you keep your pool in Tomball, TX, properly maintained. Each of our technicians uses the Hammerhead Vacuum. This swimming pool vacuum is a stand-alone unit that does not require any of your pool equipment to operate. This unit features commercial-grade suction and greatly reduces the strain on your filter by preventing dust & debris from entering your filter system.

In addition, we can provide an extra service to help you save time and money: cartridge cleaning. This service can reduce your cost by up to 50% by removing the need to purchase new cartridges. We also offer a pool filter cleaning service that will help keep your water looking clear and clean for longer!

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One-Time Cleaning
Commercial pool cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your pool. It’s not just about keeping the water clean but also about keeping your equipment in top condition, your chemicals balanced and safe, and your pumps running efficiently. Also, by keeping your commercial pool clean, you are not only providing a safe and healthy environment, but you are also protecting the value of your facility.

Full Service:

  • Backwashing filter
  • Checking water chemistry
  • Adding chemicals
  • Skimming pool surface and vacuuming pool bottom
  • Brushing pool walls
  • Emptying all baskets – skimmer/pump
  • Checking and inspecting equipment

Chemical Service:

  • Balancing chemicals in the pool
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Emptying pump baskets
  • Emptying automatic cleaner bag

Drain & Clean Service:

  • Using our pump, we will drain your pool of all the algae water
  • Cleaning out all debris in the bottom and then power-washing the tile & plaster
  • Inspecting the work, we will turn the water on to start filling the pool
  • Ensuring appropriate chemical balance

Our clients are responsible for turning off the water.