pool cleaning HOUSTON TX

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With Dependable Pool Services


  • Full-Service

    Flat monthly rate starting at $170


    • Backwash filter
    • Check water chemistry
    • Add chemicals
    • Skim pool surface and vacuum pool bottom
    • Brush pool walls
    • Empty all baskets – skimmer/pump
    • Check and inspect the equipment
  • Chemical Service

    Flat monthly rate starting at $140


    • Balance Chemicals in Pool
    • Empty Skimmer Baskets
    • Empty Pump Baskets
    • Empty Automatic Cleaner Bag
  • One-Time Cleaning

    Starting at $100
    Price could change depending on the conditions of the pool

  • Drain & Clean Services

    Starting at $950


    • Using our pump, we will drain your pool of all the algae water
    • We will clean out all debris in the bottom and then power-wash the tile & plaster
    • The client will inspect the work, and we will turn the water on to start filling the pool
    • Chemical Balance

    Please note that the client is responsible for turning off the water

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